Galaxis Chronicles I - Out Now

There truly is something special about holding your own words in your hands. Very excited to announce that Galaxis Chronicles I - is out worldwide.

KDP & Hardcovers

I use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) as my preferred provider. As an Indie author, we have to adhere to their standards and distribution channels.

That means for people in the AU/NZ & Other regions, hardcover copies are not available at reasonable prices.

All other versions are as always there at for your consumption pleasure.

Grab Your Copy

  • Amazon (ePub, PDF, Paperback & Hardcover)

Book #2 Progress

Draft 1 - 50%

Very happy to report that the second novel in the main series has seen its most productive month! I am officially taking a break and I've been diving into an awesome Medieval 2 mod to relax my mind.

For the beta readers, we aim to have this first half sent to you at the start of August.

As always, thanks for the support.

M.B. Kruger