About the author


Hi there, I wanted to share a bit about myself and how I find myself creating a strange and wonderful world in the form of a book. I’m originally from South Africa where from a young age I was a complete nerd. I use to play any and everything from Half-life to Super Mario Bro’s.

From a young age, I was inspired by the stories that these imagined worlds told. Anything and everything was possible. As I grew older I found myself intrigued by books and often movies inspired by great novels.

You could see the passion the writer had for telling a compelling tale. I’ve had the idea for the book for a number of years and so I decided one day I would write it. Come along on this journey as we go through this grim universe together to explore what could happen.

Where it Began

I (Milan) have taken on the task of writing and creating a novel that we love. I started building an idea that has been with me for roughly a decade or so.

The project was spawned out of wanting to create a unique and interesting novel that tells the stories of two people from vastly different walks of life in a brutal universe.

My vision is to create a large universe with many characters that play a certain part within it. Some are kind, some are cruel and some are in it for themselves... All will be revealed.