When They Whisper




"We rule or we exterminate." - Emperor Arend

If Max could only accept the Silver rule controlling everything about his life, from his work to his shower time, his life on the desert planet of Gandar 5 would be fine. But he keeps thinking something is missing from this comfortable controlling existence; he wants more, but he doesn’t know what that is, or how to get it. He plods along but when his mentor is threatened with a legal sentence that will kill him, Max has to make a decision that will change his entire life.


Manfred stood proud as he watched his son train in the courtyard. As a Chosen One, he could not bear the thought of his son inheriting a universe that does not live up to their beloved Tower's ideals. He had to ensure they ruled for millennia, their power was absolute and unquestioned. Corruption and instability from planets across various sectors have forced him to look at how he approached the ever-looming energie shortages across their empire. How can he establish their great empire to withstand the test of time?


The world-building in "When They Whisper" is nothing short of fantastic. Milan's vivid descriptions breathe life into the diverse planets and sectors, transporting readers into a realm brimming with awe-inspiring landscapes and vibrant cultures. The attention to detail enhances the immersive experience, making the sci-fi universe feel both expansive and tangible. - Jonathan


This book is great for the Sci-fi and dystopian-loving reader. Action-packed from the first chapter, I enjoyed the gritty adventure through the slightly futuristic-roman-empire-inspired world. There were definitely a few unexpected, eye-brow-raising moments for me and think this book is a brilliant start to the Galaxis Universe. Excited to see how several of the characters develop in the future! - Liesje