This page will be a place where I share my publishing plans and goals. 2024 Q2 Project Name: Galaxis Chronicles Volume I Description: Collection of 4 Novellas Progress: Completed Release Date: 30 June

May Update & News

Appreciate you joining me for another month as I venture further into being an indie author. I've got some exciting things to share! Name & Series Change Update I am changing


Echoes of Ascension Series BUY NOW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The world-building in "When They Whisper" is nothing short of fantastic. Milan's vivid descriptions breathe life into the diverse planets and sectors, transporting

The Author

M. B. KRUGER Hi there, I wanted to share a bit about myself and how I find myself creating a strange and wonderful universe in the form of a book series. I originally

When They Whisper

WHEN THEY WHISPER GET YOUR COPY Blurb - Click Here Max never knew his parents, only that they abandoned him on the harsh planet Gandar-5. Raised by his guardian Bernard, Max ekes out