May Update & News

Appreciate you joining me for another month as I venture further into being an indie author. I've got some exciting things to share!

Name & Series Change Update

I am changing the name and series to fit the novels and Novellas better. The name and series changes are as follows:

Galaxis - Universe and name that encapsulates both the Novellas and the main trilogy.

Echoes of Ascension - Main trilogy series name.

Galaxis Chronicles - Will be the name of Volume I - III containing 4 x Novellas in between the release of the main series.

Galaxis Chronicles - Cover & Blurb Reveal

Very excited to show you the cover and blurb for the first Volume of the Galaxis Chronicles containing the first 4 Novellas combined.

Release Details

  • Date - June 30 2024
  • Format - eBook, Paperback & Hardcover
  • Pages - 280 (Estimated)


Enter a gritty, war-torn galaxy where elite soldiers, covert agents, and ruthless factions battle for survival and power. From the jungles of Ogula to the depths of The Pit, from the nightmarish swamps of Palus to the intrigues of the fringe planet Anat, this collection thrusts you into the chaos of combat, depravity, and deception.

Follow Lestion's harrowing experiences as an auxiliary soldier witnessing atrocities that shake his faith in the mighty Silver Empire. Delve into Hirtin's cunning quest to seize control of The Pit, an energy crystal mine where only the strongest survive. Join Skip and his elite Untouchables squad as they brave horrors beyond imagination to complete their mission on the mutant-infested planet Palus. And navigate the delicate web of an Imperial agent as he grapples with duty and allegiance while carrying out a clandestine execution.

In this universe, innocence is lost, loyalties are tested, and the lines between friend and foe blur. Only the most hardened will endure the harshest realities of war, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of power.

Book #2 Progress

Draft 1 - 20%

Happy to report that writing is on its way and I am on schedule. It's been a mix of easy weeks and tough weeks. Some characters are easier to write than others from what I've found.

Excited to share more and more as I write.

Future Projects & Timelines

I still need to add a combined page where you can see a live status of how the book and projects below are progressing. I should have that done before next month's update.

Overview of things I am working on and progress :

Hardcover for all novels and combined Novella's

Update - Galaxis Chronicles will be released with hardcover!

Combined Novellas. Release date - End of June

Update - On track, Novellas need to be combined and will be ready for pre-release at the start of June.

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As always, grateful for all the support, love and kindness. Thanks for being here.