June Update & News

Thanks for joining me for another episode. Galaxis Chronicles Volume I As of writing this, all editions of the first volume of Novellas have passed inspection and should be ready on 30 June!

May Update & News

Appreciate you joining me for another month as I venture further into being an indie author. I've got some exciting things to share! Name & Series Change Update I am changing

April has come

Don't worry, no cheesy April Fool's jokes here. I believe you guys are smarter than that... Doom Squad out As I type this, the third Novella in the Galaxis

March Madness, kind of?

Well, here we are. Another Month and with it some exciting updates and things to look forward to. Doom Squad is out on 31 March Pre Orders Live Here. I am extremely excited

Let's talk about Audiobooks

Hey readers, followers and friends. As we head into the new year I am very excited at what is to come in 2024. I've already detailed my publishing schedule in a