March Madness, kind of?

Well, here we are. Another Month and with it some exciting updates and things to look forward to. Doom Squad is out on 31 March Pre Orders Live Here. I am extremely excited to showcase some of the Empire's most lethal units in the Unberührbare (Untouchables).

There is a new kid on the block

As a new author, you hear many opinions on what to do to get your books in front of people. I've always believed that you learn much more from doing than theorising. Hence why being an Indie author is so great.

The ultimate goal however will always be to get my work in front of as many people as possible. And who knows? You have to dream big and I am. You are reading this which means you are part of my newsletter and you are awesome! You were some of the first who were brave enough to take a risk and read a new author's work.

This all to say, I have been dabbling with a small amount of marketing and trying to get some new readers to pick up When They Whisper. In this time, I've learnt so much, but most importantly... I've had some sales (Whoo hoo!) Which means that people like you are picking up my work and reading it all across the globe.

Mini brag, OK but things like these means so much and I am very excited to start working on the second book in the main trilogy.

The second novel...

Good segue into my thinking on what is to come in the next novel. I am at around 85% of the final Novella (Details and cover to be revealed next month).

Once I am done with that it is sent off to my awesome editor I am on to the next novel. I've been thinking long and hard about how to approach this novel. The long and short of it, I am VERY excited to get going. The next few months will have me writing a lot. Here are a couple of things to get you excited with me. IF YOU WANT TO READ IT WITH NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AVERT YOUR EYES FROM THE BELOW.

  • It will be a longer novel (Thinking around 120k words)
  • New POV introduced
  • Actions have consequences

I hope that wet the beak (what a strange saying)

Stay tuned and watch this space.

Some crazies out there

Alright, so I've seen some people enjoy audiobooks and some people enjoy e-readers like Kindle etc. One thing though.... people who consume their novels in physical format aka paperback are fanatics. I've heard many of them say, we are so excited to read the Novella IF they come to paperback.

Well, you crazies I have some good news. Alongside the release of the last Novella toward the end of June, I will be releasing a combined digital and physical version of all of the Novella's so far. So stay calm it is coming :)


Thanks again for the interactions, the support and for following along. I hope to write a story that moves the right people. Until next time.