The Pit Out For Pre-Order

Merry almost Christmas and good tidings! 🛷🎅🎅

As I write this I am in the process of finishing the edits needed for the final version of The Pit. The second Novella and third book in The Galaxis Chronicles. The book follows directly after the events of the first main novel. It provides a great look into a key area of the galaxy. Here is the blurb :

"Journey into the depths of The Pit, a massive energie crystal mine ruled by ruthless factions vying for power. When Hirtin arrives seeking control, she plunges into a web of deceit and sacrifice. Guided by the cunning Bulla, Hirtin navigates violent beasts, secret workshops, and cannibal warriors in search of the mysterious leader below. But as she descends through the chaotic layers, each dark revelation pushes her closer to an unthinkable test.To seize The Pit, Hirtin must sacrifice all she holds dear - her humanity and herself. Will the throne be worth the price? From luxurious origins to the bloody depths, The Pit invites you into a cutthroat world where innocence is lost and only the strongest survive."

If you want to get yours on release day you can grab it down Below! Released 31 December 2023

Other Things Brewing

2024 Schedule 🗓️

Very excited to head in to 2024 as the galaxy expands and we learn more of the different cultures, peoples and areas of it. Here is a rough outline of what to expect form me in 2024

Q1 - Doom Squad

Doom Squad looks at a group of professional Silver killers as they are sent to a desolate planet to investigate a missing probe. Action-packed and gory.

Q2 - Novella #3 released

Working on the concepts for this Novella. It will most likely be released around June 2024.

Q3 - Writing Novel 2

Very excited to get going with Novel two in the main series. It will be longer than the previous one. I have started outlining already and can't wait to words to paper... or well letters on a screen :D

Q4 - Novel 2 Released

I will be hard at work with my awesome editor to get the novel polished and ready for publication toward the end of the year.

Final Word 💌

We won't see each other until next year. I just wanted to say thanks! Thanks for all the support so far. I can't tell you how much the emails and messages mean. It really does mean the world to me when I can talk to you awesome people about the interesting universe I am building. I am very excited for 2024 and beyond.

I hope you all have the best holiday season ahead, and have an amazing new year.

See you in 2024

M.B. Kruger