Too excited to not share - December Update

A LOT has happened since we last spoke about a month ago. As I am sure you are aware, November is international writing month. As such, we authors get very busy.

I've also been hard at work, so try to keep up with all the updates in this post. I will try to keep it brief but there is a bit to get through.


Audiobooks! 👂👂

I managed to finally get the novels converted into Audiobooks. Now I will first preface this and say that this isn't perfect but for all you audio listeners, you can now enjoy the book :)

So why not grab a copy? You can visit the 'Audiobooks' Section on the website, or you can click - HERE

New book release (Coming Soon) - The Pit

As we head into the latter part of the year, I am very excited to announce the second Novella in the Galaxis Chronicles. A character from the first novel will be heading into the dangerous Pit as she tries to manoeuvre through various cunning adversaries. This book will follow directly on from the events of the first novel and showcase a side character's story.

In keeping with tradition, it will be released on the 31st of December! 🙌🙌

When They Whisper New Cover - Coming Soon

Some of you might have noticed the new cover design I am working on for When They Whisper. The cover needs a few final adjustments, but we are looking to have it released in tandem with the second Novella on the 31st of December.

Preview of the new cover -

New New Release (Coming Q1)

I said I've been busy! So I am almost halfway through the 3rd Novella in the series. It is an action-packed Novella following an elite group of the Empire's best as they are sent on a dangerous mission in sector 4.

I've loved writing this one with all the fighting, blood and creatures!

Excited to share more in the coming months.


2024 Schedule

I want to ensure you can follow along with my author journey as I write this series. I will have a proper schedule for 2024 and beyond, outlining what I am trying to achieve in the next few years.

Thank You

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you! Without an audience and people who read your works, we are truly nothing. Your stories and theories inspire me every day to continue to write.

I am eo excited to see what 2024 and beyond brings!

Until next time.

M.B. Kruger